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Fuel Cell Profiler

The Recon Fuel Cell Profiler is a hardware and software solution providing a display and recording method of individual cell performance of a fuel cell stack. Profiler modules can be used alone to provide real-time cell voltage data collection and viewing, or used in conjunction with Recon's controller products to provide IV polarization plots of individual cells and to plot cell performance against other system variables.

Hardware consists of one or more multichannel modules networked to a PC. Each module has 34 voltage inputs for 34 cell voltages. Several modules can be used together to simultaneously monitor up to 300 cells. Utilizing a 24 bit A/D converter, excellent measurement resolution and accuracy is realized.

Standard and custom contact modules are available to makes reliable connections to the multiple conductive plates comprising the cell anodes and cathodes. These modules are also designed to accomodate dimensional changes among plates from thermal expansion.

The Fuel Cell Profiler interface software provides a great variety of cell data representations. A stack profile view enables the quick location of underperforming cells, a distribution graph shows the variance of cell performance, a strip chart displays traces of individual cell voltages, and an IV graph displays the polarization curves off all cells. data logging to the hard drive is also configurable.

Below is a screen shot of the software's main analysis window.

FCP screen shot

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