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Project Applications

Below are a few example applications in which Recon controllers were used to provide control and data acquisition for fuel cell systems. The controllers manage air and hydrogen flow, cooling loops, and monitor fuel cell performance.

Companies / organizations that have used Recon products:

  • Neste-Oy
  • Concurrent Techonology Corporation
  • Nasa
  • FCCI
  • H Power
  • Stanford University
  • Sacramento Municipal Utilities Department
  • Battery MD
  • Alpha
  • NJ Genesis
  • NJ Venturer
  • Millennium Cell
  • U.S. Coast Guard
  • New Jersey Department of Transportation

  • CTC Tow Vehicle

    Aircraft Tow Vehicle developed by Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC) on behalf of the U.S. Air Force's Air Expeditionary Force Battlelab (AEFB), Common Core Power Production (C2P2) Initiative.

    A Recon High Power Control system was used to control and monitor the two 8KW stacks and their peripheral systems.

    The incorporation of two H Power fuel cell stacks into a commercial-off-the-shelf battery operated Towbarless Tow Vehicle, marking the first practical fuel cell application in aviation support equipment. The fuel cells powered the tow vehicle's drive train and also generated 120 volt, 400Hz aircraft servicing and maintenance power. With the fuel cells, the hybrid tow vehicle is now more efficient than a diesel powered model and no longer requires the use of grid power to be recharged.

    New Jersey Venturer

    The New Jersey Venturer project consisted of a 1996 Geo Metro retrofitted with a Solectria 25 kiloWatt three-phase induction motor. Onboard power generation was accomplished through the use of one 4.2 kilowatt PEM fuel cell stack (weighing 125 pounds with dimensions of 13.7" x 9.9" x 13.5") and power storage was achieved with 27 SAFT NiCad batteries (15.6 kW-Hr, 156 pack volts).

    Participating in both the 1999 and 2000 NESEA Tour de Sol, the New Jersey Venturer Vehicle utilized a Recon High Power Control system for system control and monitoring of vehicle processes.

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