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Recon Product Advantages

Recon enables scientists and engineers, engaged in the development of emerging energy technologies, to quickly and efficiently produce, test, and deploy product. Our goal is to provide ready-to-use, cost effective control and instrumentation tools, optimized for fuel cell, battery, and alternative fuel vehicle research, through a development life cycle from the lab to the field.

Get Up and Running Quickly

No programming or electronics knowledge is necessary to bring a project to completion. This allows the research group to focus on the primary technology by avoiding the need to develop a control and instrumentation system from scratch. No more project holdups due to concurrent control and instrumentation development.

From the Lab to the Field

Recon's products provide the fastest path to reliable field installations. Our products were designed with field applications in mind. The modular components are compact, and use low power, allowing them to be easily embedded in final products. By using the same tools in the field as used in the lab the data generated in the field can be easily compared to data from the lab. Try embedding a 120VAC rack mount system in the field.

Keep the Project Going

Because the learning curve is short and no specialized knowledge is needed to use Recon products a project is easily transferable and maintained between personnel.

Get Lots of Data

Recon products include advanced hardware and software to provide researchers with several methods of performance analysis and data storage means. Individual cell parameter measurement, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS), and data logging modules are some examples.

Get Products to Market Quickly

With our low cost higher volume solutions or technology licensing options a product will not need an electronics development effort.

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