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Following a Mission Focused on Customer Success

Recon's control and instrumentation tools help to empower scientists and engineers, engaged in the development of emerging energy technologies to produce, test, and deploy product quickly and efficiently.

Our goal is to provide our customers with turnkey, cost effective hardware and software solutions, optimized for fuel cell, battery, and alternative energy research, through a development life cycle from initial laboratory testing to field installations.

Delivering your Quickest and Most Economical Solution for Project Completion

Our products have proved their value in allowing our customers to accomplish many successfully installed energy systems completed on time and within budget. By removing the burden to develop a custom control system, our clients have been able to focus on their core technology. This allows a project to be completed and deployed more quickly and at a lower cost compared to a tandem development for a control system.

Other control solutions, such as programmable logic controllers (PLC’s) and standard embedded controllers, require extensive programming and often necessitate much additional unanticipated labor and component integration. Our intuitive software interfaces are provided to allow easy use without any need for programming or electronics knowledge. This removes the dependence on an electrical engineer or programmer and allows a project to be easily transferable and maintainable among different personnel.

Helping our Customers Achieve Reliable System Deployments

By including a broad spectrum of data analysis features, our customers can quickly diagnose and correct problems in field installations before severe performance degradation or permanent damage ensues.

Recon products feature a rich set of performance analysis methods, such as individual cell measurements, differential cell voltage measurements, polarization curve plotting, and embedded data logging, which permit a wealth of data to be collected in the field. Researchers and management can benefit from the power of a true performance track record based on benchmarks from Recon systems used in the lab.

Building on a History of Continued Success

Recon Industrial Controls Corporation was incorporated in 1989 and has been at its present location since 1992. Our facilities, which include electronic testing/assembly space and a CNC equipped machine shop, are located in the Englewood Industrial Park, in northern New Jersey, two miles from New York City.

Recon started business designing and manufacturing electronic monitoring and control products for manufacturing plants, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) applications and Broadcast Television facilities. In 1998 we began leveraging our technology base to provide an array of products targeted at the fuel cell and energy research markets. Our competitive advantage stems from a strong base of mature electronic process control hardware and software designs with a long field proven record. We presently have many installed controllers in portable, stationary, and transportation systems with power outputs ranging from 50W to 16KW.

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